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Filter Vapor Clean Activated Charcoal


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The Vapor-Clean activated filters removes unwanted anaesthetic gas from the breathing circuit. 

The internal components of modern anaesthetic machines  capture and hold volatile anaesthetics, these anaesthetic vapors are  released when the machine is used for a new patient.

Even trace amounts of  vapor can be harmful for susceptible patients1. Flushing anaesthetic machines with high fresh gas flow for an extended  time before a case helps decrease the risk to susceptible patients.

Rather than waiting for the flush to be effective, Vapor-Clean  activated charcoal filters reduce the risk of desflurane, sevoflurane and isoflurane molecules from reaching the patient in less than 90 seconds 2. Simply connect inspiratory and expiratory Vapor-Clean filters to the anaesthetic machine and connect new breathing circuit hoses to immediately deliver fresh anaesthetic gas2.

  • Vapor-Clean activated charcoal filters reduces anaesthetic vapor to less than 5 ppm2.
  • Vapor-Clean activated charcoal filters prepare an anaesthetic machine for a susceptible patient in less than 90 seconds2.
  • Vapor-Clean removes doubt about duration and effectiveness of flushing the anaesthetic machine.

No emergency cart is complete without the Vapor-Clean

1. Wappler F; Anesthesia for patients with a history of malignant hyperthermia; Current Opinion in Anaesthesiology, 2010; 23:417–422
2. Birgenhieir N, Stoker R, Westenskow D, Orr J; Activated charcoal effectively removes inhaled anesthetics from modern anesthesia machines; Anesthesia and Anlagesia, June 2011, 112:6, pp 1363-70


BM111AU - Vapor-Clean Anaesthetic Filters - Pkt 3Pairs 

BM101AU - Vapor-Clean Anaesthetic Filters - Pkt 8 Pairs

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