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Comweld Oxyviva Resuscitator 3


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The Comweld Oxy Viva 3 Resuscitator provides the benefits of resuscitation, suction and oxygen therapy all in the one compact unit. 

This emergency oxygen kit is the best and most well known resuscitator on the market! 

The Oxy-Viva 3 contains equipment to suit an enhanced level of resuscitation training. The Comweld system gives you increased flexibility with a gas powered oxygen demand valve resuscitator, a suction attachment with collection jar, a fixed flow oxygen therapy attachment and auxiliary inlet/outlet connection. 

  • Simple, rugged and highly portable in a stainless steel case
  • Storage compartment stores and protects your components
  • Simple design and easily serviceable
  • Oxygen demand valve provides a resuscitation flowrate of 40-60 l/min and a demand flowrate of 0-160 l/m
  • Suction attachment provides a static volume of -60kPa (-450mmHg) and a suction flow of 40 l/m free air minimum with a 250ml trap jar and a nipple to suit 8mm suction tubing
  • Pin indexed yoke gas inlet connection as well as an auxiliary inlet/outlet low pressure O2 connection
  • Therapy flow attachment offering a fixed flowrate of 8 l/min with an on/off lever and nipple to suit 5mm therapy tubing
  • Dimensions: 460 x 170 x 280mm
  • Weight: 6.5kg without cylinder, 10kg with cylinder fitted