Australian Owned & Operated
Australian Owned & Operated
Scales & Measurement - Seca 515 MBCA Body Composition Analyser
Scales & Measurement - Seca 515 MBCA Body Composition Analyser
Scales & Measurement - Seca 515 MBCA Body Composition Analyser

Seca 515 mBCA Body Composition Analyser


Medical Body Composition Analyser 
The medical Body Composition Analyzer (mBCA) by seca breaks down weight into body compartments relevant to the practice of medicine, namely, Fat Mass and Fat-Free Mass, Body Water (made up of extracellular water and intracellular water) and Skeletal Muscle Mass.
Measurements are processed by six analytical modules and presented in easy-to-understand graphics. seca has conducted validation studies that compare its measurement results with the scientific gold standard. This level of precision is found in the device itself, e.g., in the standing aid function, which asists the subject to be measured in the right position, in the hand-held electrodes which prevent measurement errors and in the large glass platform which is suitable for weighing patients up to 300 kilograms.
Additional advantages include the short measurement time of less than 20 seconds and the simple and intuitive navigation over the touch-screen display. In brief, the seca mBCA is the best help for the diagnosis of many diseases such as current epidemics of obesity, diabetes or malnutrition.
  • Precise. Proven by international medical studies.
  • Fast. Measurements executed in 17 seconds.
  • Simple. Six analytical modules and intuitive user navigation on touch-screen display. 
  • Versatile. Analysis of fat and fat-free mass, total body water, extracellular water, intracellular water and skeletal muscle mass.
  • 300kg Weight Capacity 
  • Unit Weight 36kg 


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