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Wire Baskets - Medsales
Wire Baskets - Medsales
Wire Baskets - Medsales
Wire Baskets - Medsales

Wire Baskets


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It is designed using fine mesh to ensure even small items can be stored. The Nimble Wire baskets have no sharp edges and have been designed with reinforced bars to give extra strength and cover the ends of the wire. This eliminates the sharp edges or areas of the catchment. Half mouth opening at the front of each basket to allow easy access into the basket.
Critically, the wire wall panels can be cleaned without being removed from the wall and do not trap dust or dirt like older pressed plate designs. This presents an optimal solution for infection control in sterile stores.
Infection Control Standards: Able to be cleaned without removing from the structure.
Easy Access: Half-open mouth at the front of each basket for convenient reaching.
Elegant Design: With a metal finish and the eliminated threat of catchment with no sharp edges.
Available in Nickel Chrome
NIMB121NC - Small Wire Baskets 100x195x87mm Nickel Chrome
NIMB221NC - Medium Wire Basket 205x195x87mm Nickel Chrome
NIMB431NC - Large Wire Basket 415x295x147mm Nickel Chrome
NIMB442NC - Extra Large Wire Basket 415x395x207mm Nickel Chrome
*Only compatible with Nimble Wire Dividers*

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