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Supply Chain Disruption RE: Coronavirus


Dear Valued Customers, 

Medical Sales & Service is reviewing the evolving COVID-19 situation and will actively update this page. Our main priority is to ensure the health and safety of our staff while maintaining the continuity of our business to support our customers to the best of our ability.  


As a direct result of the unprecedented market demand and disruption to the global supply chain due to the current Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak there are shortages and general disruption to Healthcare products.

Medical Sales & Service would like to reach out to our customers and give reassurance that we have been working closely with our suppliers to secure limited stock based off current usage forecasting and demand.

Medical Sales & Service supply many Healthcare customers and we will be prioritising current account holders and orders based off historical ordering history of similar volumes to ensure product is distributed fairly.

Our commitment is to supply to our best ability. As this is a global crisis, being able to provide assurances is difficult as we are relying on our overseas manufacturers. We request orders continue to be placed in a timely manner. If a higher frequency in ordering is anticipated, please notify as early as possible in order that we may increase the forecast depending on the demand.



Following the current COVID-19 Pandemic, Medical Sales & Service would like to offer our assurance that we share the global concerns over the spread of the virus and its impact on public health.

During this challenging and rapidly changing time, we want to provide you the confidence that we are doing everything we can to maintain our product and service continuity, and support our customers across Australia as they manage the impact of COVID-19.

Medical Sales & Service has initiated the following protocols as part of our COVID-19 action plan:

  • All work related and personal travel for employees has been postponed.
  • Any employees who have travelled or returned recently will need to carry out mandatory self-isolation.
  • Any staff reporting or showing flu like symptoms will not be allowed on the premise and will need to carry out the necessary health assessment and provide a medical certificate confirming health status if required.
  • All non-essential staff including sales reps who regularly visit hospitals and health services has ceased across the company. These staff are now working remotely from home.
  • All essential staff still working in the office are carrying out appropriate social distancing.
  • All meetings between staff are being conducted via Webex video conferencing.
  • Our warehouse staff are working in split shifts of 4-5 staff members at a time, spread out over the day to ensure risk is minimised for this vital area. All warehouse staff are adhering to social distancing rules.
  • Only staff and approved personnel are now allowed on the premise.
  • All external interactions with couriers has been minimised by creating exclusion zones in our warehouse.
  • Strict hand washing and hand sanitising stations have been set up for all staff inhabited areas.
  • All physical interactions between our warehouse and operations team has ceased to ensure “clean” areas are not contaminated.
  • Our office and warehouse has always maintained strict cleaning and infection control processes which we have stepped up to ensure all surfaces are wiped down between shifts.

Our Operations and Warehouse staff have been working through an unprecedented volume of orders and requests because of the COVID-19 Pandemic with increased demand for medical products. We ask that you are patient with our staff during this time as we endeavor to respond to our customers and deliver products as quickly as we can.

Kind regards, 

Medical Sales & Service