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Ampoule Sample Needle



Nutrisafe 2 sampling needle

This device is designed to aspirate drugs (which must be administered orally, via a feeding tube or via a gastrostomy device) from an ampule. It is made of a metallic needle Ø 0,86 x 1,10 mm, 52 mm long with a male locking Nutrisafe 2 hub which can be connected to the female end of a Nutrisafe 2 syringe.

Note: The Nutrisafe 2 connection features a purple colour and specific dimensions so that connecting Nutrisafe 2 to a standard Luer 6% fitting is not possible. Consequently, accidental misconnections between parenteral drugs / solutions and enteral drugs / solutions (particularly in stress situations) are avoided and the right administration route is respected.



Needle Length = 52mm 

External diameter = 1.1mm

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Nutrisafe 2 Brochure