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Anti Embolism Stocking (TED) Size 4 - Pair - Medsales
Anti Embolism Stocking (TED) Size 4 - Pair - Medsales

Anti Embolism Stocking (TED) Size 4 - Pair


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The modern anti-embolism stocking for the prophylaxis of deep vein thrombosis. 

Comprinet pro applies a continuously decreasing pressure gradient from distal to proximal in line with medically recognised levels of compression. Comprinet pro effectively helps prevent deep vein thrombosis by increasing blood velocity and helping reduce venous stasis.

Size 4, X-Large, Width 46-53cm. 



  • The anatomical shape combined with high stretchability ensures Comprinet pro fits a wide range of leg shapes and sizes, while maintaining pressure profile
  • The special knitting technique provides a fabric with excellent two way stretch
  • With circumference measurements up to 53cm at the calf (c-level) and 86cm at the thigh (g-level) for sizes small, medium and large, and 90cm for extra-large, Comprinet pro is suitable for the majority of patients
  • The soft skin-friendly and air-permeable fabric provides unique comfort
  • The seamless circular-knit and the smooth toe seam contribute to comfort
  • The knit welt of the knee-high stocking does not constrict and is comfortable on the leg
  • The skin-friendly and robust thigh band reduces the risk of allergic reactions and does not fold back or wrinkle
  • The high durability of the material makes Comprinet pro therapeutically reliable
  • The inspection window set back from toe extremity on the dorsal side of the foot allows easy and rapid safety assessment
  • The reciprocated heel allows for proper positioning of the stocking
  • Comprinet pro maintains its pressure gradient even after ten washes, maintaining its therapeutic efficiency whilst providing a cost-effective solution
  • Latex-free