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Atom Air Incu i Incubator - Medsales
Atom Air Incu i Incubator - Medsales

Atom Air Incu i Incubator



Atom Air Incu-i Incubator


  • Air curtain designed to minimise temperature loss when a snap-open access port is opened
  • Humidity control allowing up to 95% relative humidity to be produced, meeting humidification requirements for even the smallest neonates
  • Noise level lower than 45db reducing stress to neonates
  • Night mode reducing light stimulation in neonates
  • Antimicrobial panel screen
  • Optional oxygen controller unit, weight monitor unit and SpO2 unit (Masimo / Nellcor)
  • Easy cleaning, disinfection and maintenance through modular design
  • The hood can be disassembled without any tools being required
  • Broken or damaged parts in the hood can be easily individually replaced reducing maintenace costs
  • Jointless hood minimises chance of surfaces being left uncleaned and provides good visability of the inside of the incubator
  • High scalability through extension options and add-ons tailored to the caregivers needs


  • Masimo pulse oximetry
  • Nellcor pulse oximetry
  • Weight monitoring
  • Oxygen controller unit
  • UPS power supply
  • Drawer with mounting bracket for high/low stand
  • IV pole for high/low stand
  • IV pole for cabinet stand

Order Code: PH62060 w/ humidity controller AC120V ±10%

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