Australian Owned & Operated
Australian Owned & Operated
Blood Warmers - Biegler Blood & Fluid Warmer
Blood Warmers - Biegler Blood & Fluid Warmer
Blood Warmers - Biegler Blood & Fluid Warmer

Biegler Blood & Fluid Warmer


High performance, micro processor-controlled device for warming infusions and transfusions to prevent intra- and post operative hypothermia. 
Temperature can be set freely in increments of 0.5 Degrees C from 37 - 41 Degrees Celsius. 
The biegler encompasses a slim and ergonomic design. The integrated universal mounting clamp allows the device to be placed on an infused stand as well as a normal rail. 
  • Free Temp pre-set 37-41 Degrees Celcius 
  • No dedicated consumables - lowering costs 
  • Micro processor controlled 
  • High Transfusion rates 
  • Minimised energy consumption 
  • Low/High Temperature Alarm 
  • Ready to use in 40 seconds 
  • Patented designed heating surface
  • Multiple extension set use at one time
  • Dry heat system (no hazardous water)
  • Mounted on normal railing and an infused stand 
  • Integrated Handle 
  • Surface temp monitor 
  • No moving parts 
  • permanent running self tests
  • Easy to clean 
  • Slim design

PHBW685S - Order Code

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