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Bladder Scanner BioCon 900



The BioCon-900 is the latest release from Mcube, offering a wireless, non-invasive 3D ultrasound system that measures the volume of urine in a patient’s bladder. 

The BioCon-900 uses ultrasound signals to determine the bladder’s outline and total volume of urine. The revolutionary real-time Pre-Scan function locates the bladder prior to scanning and improves the accuracy of results.

Immediate printout of results via the internal printer or use the included CubeScan PC software to upload saved data to a computer for later review.

12 Month Warranty


Range: 0-999ml, Accuracy +/- 15ml (0-999ml) [according to the scanning instruction and scanning on an Mcube Tissue-equivalent bladder phantom]

Scan Time: Less than 3 secs

Ultrasound Probe:

  • Dual frequency (2MHz, 3.4 MHz),
  • B-mode scan image,
  • Scan angle: 120 deg,
  • Penetration depth (normal patient) 23cm


  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery,
  • Nominal voltage: 3.6V,
  • Nominal capacity: 5200mAh,
  • Charging time less than 6 hours,
  • Charged by the docking station,
  • Discharging: approximately 1500 scans [for a new battery module fully charged, tested on Mcube test conditions]


  • External Interface: IrDA (Infrared Data Association)
  • Patient ID Input: 1D/2D Barcode scan or image capture
  • User Interface: Icons and 5 buttons


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Bladder Scanner 900 Brochure