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Bladder Scanner HD2 Caresono - Medsales

Bladder Scanner HD2 Caresono


The super affordable, portable Caresono Bladder Scanner HD2 provides quick and accurate measurement for bladder volume and post-void residual. 

  • Accurate
  • Automatic Volume Calculation
  • No Need for Calibration
  • Two Pre-Scan Modes
  • Voice recording functions
  • Portable

Scanning Mode : Mechanical Sector-shaped Scanning 
Frequency of Probe : 3.5MHz
Volume Measurement Range : 0-999ml
Size of Monitor : 2.5 Inch TFT LCD
Weight : 500g
Continuous Scanning Time : >3.5 hours
Standard Battery Time : >8 Hours

Includes: 1 Quick Start Guide and 1 User Manual
               2 Lithum-ion batteries and charger
               1 Carrying case
               Docking Station