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Anaesthetic - Vapor Clean Activated Charcoal Filter

Vapor Clean Activated Charcoal Filter


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The Vapor-Clean activated filters removes unwanted anaesthetic gas from the breathing circuit. 
Prepare anaesthetic machines for susceptible Malignant Hyperthermia (MH) patients. 
  • removes more than 99% of the anaesthetic vapors

  • activated charcoal filters prepare the machine for a malignant hyperthermic patient in less than one minute 

  • compatible for all anaesthetic machines 

  • no rebound effect with the vapor-clean: Patients are notexposed to a rebound effect as the Vapor-Clean filters block vaporsfor the entire case (lasting up to 12 hours)

  • two year minimum shelf life 

The internal components of modern anaesthetic machines capture and hold volatile anaesthetics which are released when the machine is used on a new patient.



BM111AU - Vapor-Clean Anaesthetic Filters - Pkt 3Pairs 

BM101AU - Vapor-Clean Anaesthetic Filters - Pkt 8 Pairs

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