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Gascon Oxygen RTM3 Flowmeter


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The RTM3 Oxygen flowmeters are pressure compensated flowmeters that deliver an accurate prescribed flow of gas to the patient from a regulated pressure gas source. They are suitable for most types of respiratory therapy. They are available for use with both oxygen and air and in range of different flow capacities.

  • Gas specific inlet connections
  • Gas colour coded components
  • Incorporates durable impact resistant polycarbonate outer and flowtubes
  • Inlet filter
  • Individual serial number identification
  • Flowtube design provides clear readability with large bold print lines and numbering providing 180º visibility
GCG8801 - 0-5 L/Min 
GCG8802 - 0-15 L/Min 
GCG8803 - 0-30 L/Min 
GCG9310 - 0-70 L/Min