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Guedel Airway


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Oropharyngeal airway or Guedel airway is a medical device used to maintain or open a patient's airway.


  • Lifts the tongue off the posterior pharyngeal wall to prevent airway obstruction
  • bite block
  • assist oropharyngeal suctioning
  • promotes moulding of the face of a mask for manual ventilation


  • Sizes: equal to length in cm
  • colour coded bite portions can aid easy size identification 
  • sized by measuring from the center of the mouth between the first incisors to the angle of the mandible in an adult
PAPB24103 - Size 0 60mm 
PAPB24104 - Size 1 70mm 
PAPB24105 - Size 2 80mm 
PAPB24106 - Size 3 90mm 
PAPB24107 - Size 4 100mm 
PAPB24108 - Size 5 110mm 
PAPB24109 - Size 6 120mm