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HeartStart HS1 AED



HeartStart HS1 First Aid AED Defibrillator

Gives you the confidence in knowing that you can save a life even before help arrives. Designed for use by everyone, at anytime, at any location.

The HeartStart First Aid is:
  • Fast to learn
  • So simple to operate that a first aider with minimal training can potentially save the life of a co-worker, friend or member of the family or public.
Easy to use:
  • Calming natural voice instructions coach the first aiderthrough the steps of first aid defibrillation and CPR.
Always ready:
  • Comprehensive automatic self-tests check all the HeartStart's vital functions on a daily, weekly and monthly schedule, so as to ensure that HeartStart is always ready for emergency life saving.
  • Red carry case
  • Battery 
  • Pads
  • Battery life 4-5 years if unused 
  • Battery can carry out 100 shocks in a lifetime (with warning when the shock life is down to 20)