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I-Gel O2 Resus Pack Size 4 G - Each - Medsales

I-Gel O2 Resus Pack Size 4 G - Each


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The i-gel O2 Resus Pack contains an i-gel O2, with an easily removable inner tray, a sachet of lubricant, airway support strap and suction tube. All packaged in a specially designed clear, sterile, rigid pack.

This unique design ensures protection of the contents, both in transit and in storage. The i-gel O2 has a colour coded hook ring to allow quick and easy identification of size. 

  • i-gel O2 with supplementary oxygen port and an integral hook ring for application of the support strap. 
  • Airway support strap to secure the i-gel O2 in place
  • Suction Tube 12FG
  • Sachet of Lubricant
Size 4 suitable for 50-90kg