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Entonox Analgesia Kit - Medsales
Entonox Analgesia Kit - Medsales

Entonox Analgesia Kit


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Entonox Demand Valve & Hose Assembly Analgesic Administrative System.
Administers 50% Nitrous Oxide /50% Oxygen.
  • Safe and effective means of delivering analgesic gas mixture: 50% N2and 50% O2 premixed gas..
  • Ideal for pain relief in Emergency Departments, Obstetrics, Minor Surgery, Suture Removal, Wound Dressings, Reduction of Fractures and Burn Wards.
  • System contains the reliable Series-O Regulator and a reinforced supply hose in addition to the demand valve and mask.
  • The demand valve delivers high flow rates with low triggering pressures reducing the amount of effort required from the patient to maintain the flow.
  • Demand flow rate: 0-160 l/min
  • Demand flow triggering pressure: -5cm H20 @100l/min, maximum 
  • Exhalation resistance: -5cm H2O @ 50l/maximum
  • Inlet connection: 5/8" - 18 UN
  • Patient connection: 22/15 mm male/ female taper  
  • Supply pressure: Standard 400kPa entonox outlet in hospitals and regulators.
  • Demand valve incorporates a 360° patient valve swivel housing.