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Light Phototherapy Mobile - Medsales
Light Phototherapy Mobile - Medsales

Light Phototherapy Mobile



MediLED Phototherapy Light 

We offer the best technology in LED phototherapy. MediLED offers high intensity, 40 µW.cm2/nm within a wavelength of 450 to 470 nm. MediLEDhas a Regulating System that allows the adjustment of the LED intensity. 

Long Lifespan MediLED is a highly reliable device, since it benefits Health Institutions, practitioners and patients alike by providing a long useful life and high endurance LED's.

MediLED is very easy to use. Its smooth operation ensures an appropriate use for the treatment of hyperbillirubinemia. Our equipment is compact and versatile, thus enabling its use in Incubators, Infant Warmers and all sorts of Bassinets. Our innovation of light i a a silent device. It offers comfortable treatment allowing patient and family to rest peacefully.


Tech Specs:

  • Power: 240V 
  • Height: 113-155cm 
  • Weight: 20Kg 

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MediLED Brochure