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Medizyme 5L


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Medizyme 5L is a specialised enzymatic detergent solution that is capable of removing blood and other protein deposits. Medizyme 5L rapidly solubilises and disperses blood, body tissue, carbohydrates, mucopolysaccharides, lipids and other proteinaceous soils. When combined with physical cleaning, Medizyme 5L provides an effective method for cleaning complex instruments.

Medizyme 5L is effective in hard and soft water.


Medizyme 5L, in accordance with AS/NZS4187 and AS/NZS4815 requirements contains no perfume, unlike other enzymatic products available.

Medizyme is suitable for use on:

  • Fibreoptical Equipment*
  • Respiratory-Therapy Equipment
  • Cardiovascular Instruments
  • General Surgical Instruments
  • Orthopedic Instruments
  • Telescopic Instruments
  • Microsurgical Instruments
  • Dental Equipment

*Check manufacturer’s directions and warranties on complex equipment such as fibreoptical equipment before using any “wet” cleaning method.