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Medstock Hydrocolloid Dressing 10x10cm


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Medstock Hydro is efficient and affordable elastic dressing made of pressure sensitive adhesive with carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) hydrophilic granules that contribute to wound healing. Excellent absorption capability for low exudate wounds. When the thickness of the Medstock Hydro is 0.4mm thick: Moisture Permeability: 0.34g/10cm2/24hrs/37°C Hygroscopic ability: 2.40g/10cm2/24hrs/37°C Hygroscopic capacity: 2.74g/10cm2/24hrs/37°C Hygroscopic capability: 2.83g/24hrs/37°C pH 5.7 Acid and Alkali resistance pH 3-12.

Facilitates debridement of wound. Swells in the presence of exudate, releasing a gel which maintains a moist environment. Reduces pain by keeping nerve endings moist. Waterproof, protecting wound from microbial invasion. Non-adherent and easy to remove. Suitable for low exudate wounds only. I-II degree bedsores. Superficial and small burns. Skin grafts, donor sites and surgical wounds. For granulating and epithelialising wounds. Suitable on necrotic tissue to rehydrate and facilitate debridement. Suitable as a retention dressing to hydrogels. Should not be used on infected wounds.