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Micro RPM Spirometer System



The MicroRPM™ (Respiratory Pressure Meter) (Cat. No. RPM01) brings together the measurements of Maximum Inspiratory and Expiratory Mouth Pressures (MIP/MEP) with Sniff Nasal Inspiratory Pressure (SNIP) in one instrument.

These simple non-invasive tests of respiratory muscle strength are essential in monitoring patients with COPD who are undergoing a program of lung rehabilitation and are also valuable in the detection of other diseases affecting the function of the respiratory muscles.


  • Combined, mouth and nasal pressure measurements
  • Clear digital display of the results
  • Small, portable and lightweight
  • Latest piezo resistive pressure sensing technology
  • Optional PUMA™, PC software package
  • Battery operated and complete with all accessories in a sturdy carrying case
  • Easy to use

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