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Microsite Micropuncture Kit



Insertion kit for central venous catheter 1 Fr or 2 Fr with the modified Seldinger technique.

The kit contains the following components :

  • 1 24G needle with a 15° bevel angle, length 19 mm
  • 1 symmetrical nitinol guidewire, 20 cm (flexible tips and ball heads on both side ; marking at 4.5 cm indicating the protrusion of the guide beyond the needle bevel)
  • 1 peelable sheath / dilator assembly 2 Fr, length 18 mm

The kit allows introducing central venous catheters in premature babies with very small veins that are generally difficult to catheterize.
The nitinol guidewire is kink-resistant and the soft tips avoid venous trauma.
The peelable sheath allows easy dilation of the puncture site and introduction of a 2 Fr catheter or less.

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