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Nebuliser & Mask w/ Tubing Paediatric


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Nebulizer Paediatric Aerosol Mask with Tubing

Salter's T-Piece jet nebulizers provide aerosol therapy faster than comparable t-piece or acorn nebulizers at an affordable price. With multiple configurations, they can serve any patient need in hospital or home.

  • Age Range: Paediatric
  • O2 Connector Type: Trumpet
  • O2 Supply Tubing Length: 7 feet
  • Configuration: Nebulizer
  • Medication Port: None
  • T-Piece Included:None
  • Patient Type: Spontaneously Breathing
  • Reservoir Tube Length: None
  • Duration of Use: Disposable
  • Nebulizer Interface: Mask, Paediatric Standard