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Pulse Oximeters - Nonin 3150 Wristox Pulse Oximeter

Nonin 3150 Wristox Pulse Oximeter


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The WristOx2®, Model 3150 Wrist-worn Pulse Oximeter

The Most Versatile Wrist-worn Pulse Oximeter for Unmatched Performance and Value!
Engineered with Nonin Medical’s proven PureSAT® SpO2 technology, the WristOx2®, Model 3150 delivers highly accurate readings in the widest range of patient populations and settings. From the hospital to the home, the WristOx2®, Model 3150 is ideal for applications including cardio-ambulatory monitoring, remote wireless monitoring and overnight studies—providing the versatility and reliability that clinicians expect from Nonin.

The WristOx2®, Model 3150 features advanced performance and reporting capabilities including enhanced connectivity and increased memory storage.

Product Highlights

  • Bluetooth® 2.0 Wireless Technology
  • Enhanced Memory and Selectable Storage Rates
  • The WristOx2®, Model 3150 boasts 270 hours of patient recording with high resolution one second storage rate. Non-volatile memory provides an easy way to record patient readings for later data analysis and reporting.
  • SmartPoint™ Technology

Extended Range
The WristOx2®, Model 3150 has an extended range of up to 100 meters (Class I).

The WristOx2®, Model 3150 features an industry-leading 3-year warranty.

Power Saver™
Unlike traditional Bluetooth devices, the WristOx2®, Model 3150 has a new power saving feature that automatically adjusts transmitted power based on distance from the main unit.

Proven PureSAT® Pulse Oximetry Technology
Fast and accurate response for capturing events in challenging conditions such as motion and low perfusion.

Patient Proof
Unmatched durability for the home care and ambulatory environments, we've made the WristOx2®, Model 3150 is rugged to take a beating day after day. With automatic turn on upon finger insertion, the 3150 is convenient and easy to use.

PureLight® Sensors
For accuracy and clinically validated performance, the WristOx2®, Model 3150 is designed to use Nonin PureLight sensors only. Nonin PureLight sensors eliminate variations in readings from patient-to-patient and sensor-to-sensor. A new line of sensors designed for exclusive use with the WristOx2 Model 3150 are the 8000AA-WO2 (clip), 8000SS-WO2, 8000SM-WO2, 8000SL-WO2, and the 8000J-WO2 (flex) sensors. 


PA3150 - Nonin 3150 Wristox Pulse Oximeter