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Australian Owned & Operated
Australian Owned & Operated
Pocket ECG Holter Monitor - Medsales
Pocket ECG Holter Monitor - Medsales

Pocket ECG Holter Monitor



Pocket ECG is a state of the art technology that combines the accuracy of full Holter analysis and the interactivity of hospital telemetry at a patient’s home. Pocket ECG identifies in real time the morphology of each heartbeat and allows remote monitoring of thousands of patients simultaneously. It is a solution available worldwide enabling physicians to have direct ongoing ECG recording through a standard internet browser window. Many cardiac conditions cannot be diagnosed based on a single ECG test or by using standard diagnostic methods of arrhythmia detection. By enabling continuous monitoring of heart rhythm and a patient’s physical activity over many days or weeks, Pocket ECG makes precise diagnosis possible in many previously undiagnosed cases.

  • Touch screen enables the patient to directly provide information about the type of symptoms while experiencing them
  • Accelerometer enables ongoing analysis of the correlation between arrhythmia and a patient’s physical activity
  • Provides data analysis by Device Solutions Qualified Cardiac Technicians
  • Reports
  • Online analysis and reporting by the facilities own Cardiac Techni-cians and Cardiologist
  • A Combination of the options are available where

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