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Suprasorb P Self-adhesive Foam Dressing - Medsales
Suprasorb P Self-adhesive Foam Dressing - Medsales

Suprasorb P Self-ad Foam Dressing Box10


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Suprasorb P self adhesive foam dressing absorbs wound exudate quickly and safely and the material adapts to the wound bed. The surface of Suprasorb P’s wound contact layer is especially designed to be gentle on easily injured surfaces such as healing wounds or the fragile skin around wounds. The semi-permeable PU membrane backing ensures a moist wound environment. The dressing keeps its shape even after absorbing fluids. It repels bacteria and fluids.
Available Sizes;
 7.5cm x 7.5cm - WS-SM-20416
10cm x 10cm - WS-SM-20417

  • Very good wound healing through reliable exudate management
  • High wearing comfort because of its soft and supple structure
  • Easy to assess the wound exudate
  • PU membrane* repels bacteria and fluids

For Use On

  • Moderately exuding wounds
  • Superficial wounds
  • Non-infected wounds
  • In all phases of wound healing