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Tendon Hammers - Medsales
Tendon Hammers - Medsales
Tendon Hammers - Medsales
Tendon Hammers - Medsales

Tendon Hammer


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Complete range of quality tendon & reflex hammers.

National Hospital Reflex Hammer

The National Hospital, or Queen Square Reflex Hammer first popularised and named at the National Hospital for Nervous Diseases in Queen Square, London. The result is a weighted, agile percussion device for effective elicitation of myotatic, plantar and abdominal responses with greater patient comfort.

  • RHNHP is made in Australia
  • Durable 36cm Delrin Shaft
  • 50mm rubber Impact Ring

Babinski Reflex Hammer

Stainless steel construction rubber impact ring head can be mounted at right angle

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Rubber impact ring
  • Head can be mounted at right angle (illustrated) or parallel to the shaft
  • Includes screw out needle

Taylors Reflex Hammer

The Taylor Reflex Hammer has a weighted stainless steel handle and is precisely balanced for increased control of force in the percussion. The encircling band of handle with pin firmly secures the triangular head midway between the apex and base.

  • "Tomahawk" style
  • Rubber impact head
  • Stainless Steel handle

Queens Reflex Hammer 


  • Length: 13.77"
  • Plastic handle
  • Effective elicitation of myotatic, plantar, and abdominal responses
  • Tapered handle is suited for eliciting plantar and abdominal responses
  • 13.77 inch handle
  • Latex free
  • Steel handles
  • Latex Free