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Vygon Arterial Leadercath


Arterial Leadercath is a catheter for arterial access inserted by the Seldinger technique. 
Although it can be inserted in a variety of arteries, the most common sites for the placement of this catheter are the radial and the femoral artery.
The Seldinger technique makes arterial puncture easier particularly in hypotensive patients with a weak peripheral pulse and when arteries are atherosclerosed or narrow.
The product is supplied in a rigid blister pack containing:
  • 1 introducer needle,
  • 1 straight guidewire,
  • 1 transparent and radiopaque catheter in polyethylene with winged hub (except codes 115.12/15/17, hub without wings).

Codes 115.12, 115.15 and 115.17 contain also:

  • 1 polyethylene extension tube (30cm long),
  • 1 syringe 5ml,
  • 1 three-way stopcock,
  • 1 cover drape 45 x 60cm.

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Vygon Arterial Leadercath