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Vygon ArterioSel Arterial Catheter - Medsales
Vygon ArterioSel Arterial Catheter - Medsales

Vygon ArterioSel Arterial Catheter



ArterioSel is a transparent arterial catheter with radiopaque lines introduced using the Seldinger technique and equipped with a puncture needle allowing visualization of the arterial pulsations without blood spillage on needle insertion.

The Seldinger technique makes arterial puncture easier particularly in hypotensive patients with a weak peripheral pulse and when arteries are atherosclerosed or narrow.

- The puncture needle is fitted with a visualization chamber allowing to confirm that the vessel punctured is an artery (pulsatile movement of the blood). The needle is also fitted with a silicone BLS valve (BLS: bloodless system) to avoid loss of blood during vessel puncture and a funnel hub to facilitate the insertion of the guidewire.

- The arterial catheter can be inserted in a variety of arteries, but the most common sites for the placement of this catheter are the radial artery (code 115.0901) and the femoral artery (code 115.1201).


  • Contains Latex: No
  • Contains DEHP: No
  • Contains products of animal or biological origin: No
  • Pyrogen-free: Yes

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