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Vygon Dual Flow Gastric Tube



Transparent  Polyurethane (code 1340) or DEHP-free PVC (code 340) tube with radiopaque line and closed tip. Centimetric marking from 5 to 45 cm (06 and 08 Fr), from 10 to 65 cm (10 Fr), from 10 to 75 cm (12 to 21 Fr) from the distal tip.

Double lumen sump tube comprising a principal suction lumen with multiple eyes at the distal end and a secondary ventilation channel with a smaller cross section that communicates with the main suction lumen at the distal tip. Both channel lumen are fitted at the proximal end with a flexible female conical mount.
A biconical adaptor is provided at the distal of the main channel (grey funnel) to increase the choice of possible connections.

The principal white-coloured channel is connected to a suction apparatus, the secondary blue-coloured passage is open and maintains the suction site at atmospheric pressure.

The tube is used to prevent accumulation of gastric secretions and air, thus allowing decompression of the stomach by continuous aspiration without trauma to the gastric mucosa.


Fr 06 - 08: 6 lateral eyes – Length 60 cm 
Fr 10: 10 lateral eyes – Length 90 cm
Fr 12 - 14 - 16 - 18 - 21 :10 lateral eyes – Length 120 cm