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Vygon Premicath 1Fr 28G - Medsales

Vygon Premicath 1Fr 28G



Peripherally inserted central venous polyurethane catheter (1Fr/28G) for short and medium term venous access in premature babies and neonates for delivery of medication and parenteral nutrition.

  • Introducer : breakaway needle, 24G short I.V. cannula, peelable cannula, no introducer
  • Catheter markings every centimetre 
  • Fixation wings and integral extension tube to give comfortable fixation: length of extension tube (PUR) 8 cm 

Codes 1261.102/152/153/206/207/302/306/307 have no fixation wings but a pink connector where the non-peelable plastic cannula can be attached.

  • Premicath is supplied with or without stylet



Présented in a rigid blister pack containing:
- 1 PUR catheter (XRO) 
- 1 introducer (except codes 1261.201/206/207)
- 1 measuring tape